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Buy 4-mpd online is a psychoactive substance that was first introduced to the research chemical market in the early 2010s by a Chinese vendor as a legal alternative to Methylone (bk-MDMA) and other substances that were under international control. 4-MPD, much like 4-MeMABP and Ethylone, possesses an alkyl substitution at the alpha carbon of the substituted cathinone molecule and therefore shows similar activity to drugs such as Mescaline and Methcathinone.

Buy 4-mpd online is not for human consumption. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.

Fatal intoxication involving 4-methylpentedrone (4-MPD) in a context of chemsex

Highlights of Buy 4-mpd online

  • 4-methylpentedrone (4-MPD) is an infrequent cathinone that can be used for sexual purposes (chemsex).
  • A fatal intoxication mainly involving 4-MPD and cocaine was reported.
  • Postmortem 4-MPD distribution in biological fluids is described and its metabolism explored.
  • Online user testimonies were reviewed to understand the profile of this new psychoactive substance (NPS).
  • This case report illustrates the significant toxicity of 4-MPD and the overdose risk associated with chemsex.

Abstracts of Buy 4-mpd online

4-methylpentenedrone, is an amphetamine-like designer drug of the cathinone class. We report on a single case autopsy involving 4-methylpentedrone and several other drugs. The investigation data alongside autopsy methodology indicate it was involved in a death caused by intoxication in a chemsex context ([C](+)(cis)4-MPD (2-(norephedrine)pentan-1-one)).

Further analysis of 4-methylpentedrone from peripheral blood (1285 ng/mL), cardiac blood (1128 ng/mL), urine (>10000 ng/mL), bile (1187 ng/mL), and vitreous humor (734 and 875 ng/mL in left and right samples, respectively) by gas chromatography / mass spectrometry were determined.

Due to the paucity of data concerning 4-MPD, its use and effects were gathered from online user testimonies. This case illustrates the toxicity of this infrequent pentedrone derivate and confirms the significant overdose risk associated with chemsex.